REMEDIUM THERAPEUTICS, is a team of scientists acclaimed in the field of Molecular Interactions/ Pharmacognosy/ Virology/ Viral Genomics, having years of experience in studying and researching infectious and inflammatory diseases.


REMEDIUM THERAPEUTICS aims to develop novel and innovative herbal remedies for both therapeutic and prophylactic treatment of systemic/localized infectious and inflammatory diseases by applying systematic and rationale scientific processes towards R&D and manufacturing. Our Herbal remedies contain multiple, biologically active phytoconstituents which may produce additive or synergistic action due to their activity on multiple target proteins within biological systems, thus evoking potent activity when administered alone or in combination with the Standard-of-Care treatment.


Our pursuit to understand active phytochemicals via their chemistry, and pharmacology may also reveal critical insights required to design and develop novel semi-synthetic and synthetic drugs with improved efficacy and reduced adverse effects.

Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company in India providing high quality, affordable and innovative remedies to prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure diseases.
Remedium’s mission is to develop new remedies that can be used both therapeutically and prophylactically to cure systemic and localized infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Kamlendra Singh is an associate professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri. His team uses computer-aided drug design to examine the molecular interactions between chemical entities and target proteins for designing novel therapeutics for infectious and inflammatory diseases.
Dr. Ramesh K. Goyal is the Vice Chancellor of India’s first Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University in Delhi. He has three patents, 18 books, 26 book chapters, over 314 full papers, over 600 abstracts published in National and International journals. He is the recipient of 71 awards including Best Pharmacy Teacher and Best Pharmaceutical Research Scientist from APTI and Life Time Achievement & Distinguished Service Awards from International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, Canada. His passion is new drug discovery.
Dr. Subbu Apparsundaram, PhD (Advisor, DPSRU)
Dr. Subbu is an established scientist with extensive experience in drug discovery and development. Previously, Subbu was a Drug Discovery & Development Leader at Hoffmann La Roche Pharmaceuticals and was a faculty at the University of Kentucky and Vanderbilt University.
Dr. Mahaveer Dhobi, PhD (Pharmacognosy, DPSRU)
Dr. Mahaveer is an Associate Professor in DPSRU and is an expert in Pharmacognosy. He got his doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Punjab University. His specialty includes analysing mechanism of action of a selective set of Phytochemicals for Corona Virus. He has several publications to his credit.
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Dr. Kalicharan Sharma, PhD (Advisor)
Dr. Kalicharan Sharma is an expert in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Molecular Modelling Studies. He got his doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Jamia Hamdard University. His specialty includes Molecular modelling studies to find out suitable drug candidate for coronavirus. He has 27 publications and 1 US patent to his credit.
Dr. E G Rajan, PhD (Viral Genomics)
Dr. E G Rajan is a veteran professor and scientist specialized in multiple areas such as Viral Genomics, Image Processing, AI and ML. He is a Franklin Fellow and is a recipient of the prestigious APJ Kalam millennial award. He has guided over 60+ PhDs.

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